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Monday, September 5, 2011

Krajinka / El Paisaje / Landscape


  1. I am dying to know what the containers are for...not recycling....I cannot figure them out, but you have really gotten my curiosity up. This is a great shot, and the vivid colors add so much. A fine contribution this week. genie

  2. Anda que si los hubiesen tapado un poco a esos contenedores, tampoco pasaría nada, no ?
    Un cobertizo de madera y seguramente no llamarían tanto la atención, aunque seguro que aún con lo llamativos que son, hay quien sigue dejando la basura por el suelo, porque no "encuentra" donde depositarla.

  3. Hi Genie, thank You very much for your visit and leaving your comment. I was very impressed by this scene. I have to agree with you, because it was so interesting for me too. Recycling is on the top level in our country. Also in the mountains. But it can be A LITTLE BIT inappropriate. I´d be pleased by your next visits!

  4. Hola Jesús, esta escena está situada en montaňas llamados Šumava. Es una parte de naturaleza muy salvaje. No me perecen los contendedores adecuados tampoco. Pero el contraste en el paisaje me he parecido interesante. Gracias a tí! Un cordial saludo

  5. This is a lovely landscape! The brightly colored containers are quite a contrast to the natural beauty.