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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Povodeň No. 4 / Inundación No. 4 / Floods No. 4


  1. Jaromir, I know what is going on in your country, Prague. I wish you and your family to be safe. I also wish that all this soon will be over.

    Photograph is fantastic!!! This man probably had so many difficult days since flood started.

    A hug from Kaya

  2. Milá Amelie, moc Vám děkuji za přízeň a za poslední komentáře. Jaromír

  3. Dear Kaya, your comment has given me a great pleasure. I can ensure You that my family is OK.
    This flood is disaster for some quarters of Prague. Others are protected by barriers built after floods in 2002. Now I´m adding other one photo into this post and I´d like to dedicate it to You.
    Thank You very much for Your interest and heartwarming comment.
    Greetings from Jaromir

  4. Jaromir, thank you very much. I am very, very touched!!!!